Who is Nine9?

Nine9 is a company online that provides incredible service to the best people in the world of entertainment ready to move forward and accomplish more in the world of acting. For those of you who don’t know who they are, a simple explanation of what they do is merely the fact that they are a constantly providing newbies in the world of entertainment to grow. If you are into acting, modeling, singing, or dancing, this company can give you the right resources to help open up your opportunities so you can land gigs that fit your skills.

Nine9 is a very specialized company that has a short little process to finding the right person. You want to sign up as an actor and get an insight on what they do. They will specifically bring you into their roster and slowly bring you to another level so you can improve and grow. Nine9 is not your typical agency in the world of acting. They do more than just give you jobs and auditions as an actor. They do a whole lot more of completing yourself as an actor and an entertainer. They bring incredible people into their staff so that you can move forward and learn.

Nine9 does an incredible job on crafting successful results so you can land real jobs, rake in great opportunities, and actually accomplish gigs. They don’t really just leave you alone once you’ve joined. They provide you great advice and insight to help you actually know what you’re doing so you can move forward and get onto future opportunities. Nine9 expects you to invest in yourself, to get the right headshots, and also give you some wonderful advice to help you get jobs in all areas of business. Nine9 is a brand that gives new actors the perfect start and read full article.

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Securus Technologies And Their Efforts Towards Crime-Free Country

Securus Technologies is a well-known provider of communication and technology services to law enforcement and correctional agencies in the entire North America. Most of the software that they design and sell is to help prevent crimes and to catch criminals. In recent news, the CEO and Chairman of the company, Richard A. Smith, shared some good news with the entire team of Securus Technologies and their investors. They have got some positive feedback from their present clients who have used their products and have been able to introduce new products to the market from the advice they received from them.


I have been with the Sheriff’s Department for a long time and have personally used their LBS software. I can positively say that the software has increased our effectiveness and have allowed us to catch criminals which otherwise would not have been possible. Also, the software is very easy to use allowing us to track illegal cash and drugs through the phone calls that the criminals make. They also have a strong customer service department that attends to every query quickly and efficiently. There was a time when our system broke down due to a heavy shower. Still, the company sent their executives to ensure that everything was in place. I was honestly surprised by their professionalism and their dedication towards their clients. I would not think twice before recommending them to anyone who would like to use their services.


Securus Technologies is located in Dallas Texas from where they conduct their research and create new software that can be used by the correction and law enforcement industry. They alone have managed to bring down crime in the country and have also helped catch criminals fast which otherwise was not possible before. There are many more clients like me who applaud the company for their work and their efforts to make the country crime-free.


Podcast Advertisement Study Results Announced by Norman Pattiz

PR Newswire believes that Radio giant Westwood One’s founder and chairman, also the founder and chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is a savvy and intelligent entrepreneur. He founded Westwood One Inc. in 1974 and served as the chief executive officer there until 1994 and also served as the Broadcast Education Association’s President.

Westwood One has become one of the leading broadcasters of sports, news, entertainment, traffic programming and talk radio in America.

In 2010 he founded the Los Angeles based Courtside Entertainment Group which finances and produces quality programming in multi-platform and hosts a number of high-profile personalities.

Pattiz announced the results of a comprehensive series of studies that looked at results of advertising tests across five different service and product categories and five different major national consumer brands. A first of its kind study of pre- and post campaign brand lift and advertising for podcast based advertisers.

This study was conducted by Edison Research as well as two others on behalf of PodcastOne, some brands were well known and established brands but others were lesser known brands trying to acquire more awareness and larger consumer base.

In each trial, podcast listeners were were given online surveys before the advertising campaign began and after the trial ended.

The results showed that over 60% of podcast listeners were mentioning specific grocery brands after the advertising campaign ended. This showed a significant improvement from the previous 7% among podcast listeners before the study.

An automobile aftermarket product saw an unaided product awareness from the pre-study to the post study of 37%, a lawn and garden product saw an improvement of 24% and a financial services product saw an improvement of 47%. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://www.laweekly.com/location/norman-pattiz-auditorium-hamilton-high-school-6170801

Of post-study participants over one third gave a “very favorable” opinion of the automobile aftermarket product, previously only 18% gave such an opinion. Post-study listeners said they were “very likely” to consider using the lawn and garden product, previously only 16% were likely to use the product.

Awareness of a specific campaign message for casual dining restaurant increased by 76% and an automobile aftermarket product increased by 60%.

Each of these trials was ran 4 to 6 weeks of advertisements on leading podcasts utilizing the same methodology in each trial. Pre- and post study campaign results showed that podcast audiences are open and receptive to brand messages and an increased willingness to consider purchasing those products or services.

PodcastOne Founder, Norman Pattiz said: “Our core focus has always been to independently verify that the podcast format provides enhanced brand impact well beyond traditional advertising formats,”.

Samuel Strauch: The Real Estate Guru

Time and time again, Samuel Strauch has proven himself as a forward thinking investor. In fact, Samuel Strauch is in the upper echelon of real estate investors. Given the professionalism he gives to each client, it is easy to see why Samuel Strauch is where he is today. Based off of his track record, nothing satisfies Samuel Strauch more than putting people in their dream homes. His success is rooted in the success he provides to his clients. It is safe to say Samuel Strauch mastered the real estate market down to a science. Other real estate investors pale in comparison. This can be attributed to his diety-like business skills.

With that being said, Samuel Strauch is no stranger to education. While in New York, he earned his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University. Shortly afterward, he earned another degree from Harvard University. In 2002, Samuel Strauch relocated to the Florida real estate market, where he has ruled with an iron fist ever since. To this day, his company has grown exponentially. As a result, he spread his operations to other parts of Florida and Latin America. With that being said, Samuel Strauch is indeed a success story. Although fairly young, Samuel Strauch has alley reached a level of success that most people will never be able to reach.

On a macro and micro level, Samuel Strauch has proven his ability to flip properties. This is why he consistently ranks among the top real estate investors in the country. Also, this is why homeowners flock to Samuel Strauch in the droves. Throughout Miami, he is well known and respected. Outside of real estate, Sam is a well-rounded human being who cares for others. When he has time, Sam is constantly seen engaging in his community. After moments of being in his presence, it becomes evident how much he cares for people.

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Classic Movies From The Hood


There are a few things to think about when considering the best urban movies. The first and most important thing to consider should be whether or not they were “gangsta.” Another thing to consider, is the grit. Were they believable? Do they reflect what is going on in the hood? Do they feature a credible cast? After weeding out films that do not meet this criteria, these three movies should be on everyone’s list for the best hood movies.

These movies include Training Day, Boyz In Da Hood, and Menace II Society. First is Training Day. Does Denzel Jackson know how to act or what? In the film, Denzel plays a corrupt cop who deals drugs. The movie had Denzel doing everything a cop should not be doing. It is infamous for the line,”King Kong Ain’t Got S*** On Me!” Next, is Boyz In Da Hood. Boyz In Da Hood was a pioneer in the genre of Hood films. The movie was shot in parts of California notorious for gangs and crime. Instead of being one-sided, the film showcased those who dream of leaving the hood.

It features people who want to do better in life. Last but not least, is Menace II Society. Menace II society takes viewers down to the trenches. Very few hood movies display the grit and carnage Menace II Society does. Also, very few hood movies feature people actually from the hood. In most cases, it gets no more “hood” than Menace II Society.

Bruno Fagali: Getting Help From A Reputable Attorney

Are you researching lawyers and law firms in Brazil? Need a good attorney to guide you or advise you on how to proceed with your business law matter or other pertinent issues? When dealing with a legal situation, it is imperative to hire the best attorney or law firm you can afford.

If you are truly searching for the best representation or advice in Brazil, look no further than Bruno Fagali – one of the most reliable lawyers in Brazil.

Based in Brazil, Bruno Fagali has earned a great reputation for rendering excellent legal solutions to his clients. His popular law firm is comprises a knowledgeable legal team well versed in addressing a wide range of legal cases.

Bruno Fagali represents professionals, organizations and establishments in the areas of Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Ethics, Urban Law and other related fields. With many years of experience handling both simple and complex legal matters, Bruno Fagali has the expertise and passion to help clients obtain the best possible result in their case.

Bruno Fagali provides cost-effective legal solutions and has built a strong relationship with his clients. Bruno Fagali works closely with his clients to determine the best way to resolve their legal matters efficiently.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009175216604

The Dynamic Whitney Wolfe

Technological sophistication in the current age has promoted the invention of modern products currently found in the world market. Getting a dating partner would typically seem like a walk in the park for some people but in the real sense, it’s a task to reckon with for a great lot.

Fortunately, technological advancement has closed up this gap by providing a platform for the invention of dating apps as depicted by Whitney Wolfe.

Born in 1990 in Austin, Texas, Whitney Wolfe is a vibrant entrepreneur and founder of Bumble, the fourth most used dating app in America. Owing to this, she has received numerous recognitions since 2014 to date. Bumble’s launch was in 2014 and currently has a registered user fact-figure of over 11 million.

Bumble ensures connectivity between its users. The app helps its users to maintain the connection to parties ranging from girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. This ensures continued interface between them leading to the buildup of more solid relationships. Secondly, Bumble has helped build the confidence of its users, and they can feel good about themselves when connecting with other users who in the real world setting would have appeared almost impossible.

Whitney Wolfe exclaims that the app allows its users to search for friends through the app, unlike other dating apps. This opens up the opportunity for not only dating but also socializing amongst mutual friends. More so, it provides a sense of comfort for the users as it provides a serene environment for fun. The app also enables networking in a professional environment. It allows these users to quietly meet their needs be it interviewing without necessarily moving physically.

Moreover, the app has over 1 million active users globally, and it has overseen over 150 million matches. Also, relationships developed in Bumble have a low level of reported harassment and abuse with only 0.1 percent of its users. This reflects a 99.9 percent success of people who have dated through the app. To Whitney Wolfe, Bumble is more than just a dating app since it opens up the users’ options.

Experts Agree on the Reliability of Securus Technologies

When incarcerations facilities use technology, they need it to be reliable and trustworthy. In a recently-published customer comment list, Securus Technologies made it clear again why it remains a leader in the justice technology field: the company’s technology is reliable and trustworthy enough to satisfy even the justice department.


Multiple customers credited Securus with critical timing and information monitoring that either prevented crime or contributed to the apprehension of suspects. All the customer comments published indicated that Securus’ monitoring technology is strong enough to withstand legal scrutiny in a field where that threshold is both crucial and challenging to surpass.


Securus’ crime prevention was credited with making facilities safer for all who live and work in them. The monitoring capability reduced staff corruption and widespread contraband on several occasions. The advanced technology applied intelligently by Securus designers enables quick and easy access to monitored conversations with powerful search and filtering features.


Securus Technologies provides a wide range of technological solutions for the justice field. They serve over 3,400 agencies and over one million inmates across the United States by providing emergency and incident management, inmate and parolee communications solutions, inmate financial and administrative self-service, investigation, biometric analysis, and a variety of monitoring services. Securus works with each agency to provide tailored security solutions based on advanced technology and extensive experience.



How the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation is Fostering Unity in Israel

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation released the details of the “Inspired by Israel” video contest a couple of weeks ago. The contest was launched in conjunction with the 12 Tribe Films Foundation. The contest is held annually. This year’s contest will be its second edition. The video contest will be hosted on Israelvideonetwork.com.It accepts informative and entertaining videos on Israel. There will be a grand prize of $8,000 and more than $10,000 in cash prizes for the winners. Milstein stated that the contest offered an opportunity to show the world the rich culture and diverse people of the country. He mentioned that they had received numerous videos in the previous contest from various creators including university, kindergarten, and high school students. He added that the contest brought people from all walks of life together to share what they perceive as the best thing about their country.

The best videos will be decided upon by a team of judges after a period of public voting. The panel of experts includes Gila Milstein who is a noted philanthropist, David Suissa who is the President of Tribe Media, and Michael Dickson who is the Executive Director of StandWithUs Israel. Suissa said that he was excited to see what submissions would be sent in and stated that he thought the contest would help people to embrace their country more. The winning video in last year’s contest was viewed thousands of times online. It was shared by some of the top media outlets in Israel including the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Journal, and Algemeiner. The deadlines for registration and submission are 1st February and 6th March respectively. The public will be allowed to vote online between 20th and 29th March. The winners of the contest will be announced on 30th April.

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor and a notable philanthropist. He is currently the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein studied at Technion in Israel before joining the University of California where he graduated with a Master’s in business administration. Adam started his career as a sales agent before venturing into commercial real estate investment. Adam and his wife Gila formed the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000.

Doe Deere And The Creation Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Sixteen years ago Doe Deere and her boyfriend Mark were in the process of founding a rock band. When her career in music didn’t pan out, Deere and her boyfriend put their energy towards building the cosmetics line Lime Crime. Today the company is one of the fastest growing cosmetics brands with clients all around the world. When Doe Deere moved from Russia to New York City with her parents as a child, she dreamed about having her own company. She was inspired by the female entrepreneurs she had heard about. Today Doe Deere and Lime Crime are an inspiration to millions of women around the world.


Doe Deere founded the company almost by accident. When she couldn’t find the neon bright make-up she wanted to wear while performing Deere decided to make some herself. When she showed it to visitors to her online make-up tutorial they begged her to sell some to them. Deere created Lime Crime cosmetics and began to market the brand online. Her innovative marketing efforts, high quality products and the positive reinforcement she offers her staff combined to make the brand an almost instant international internet sensation.


Unlike most traditional cosmetics brands Lime Crime is designed to make a loud creative fashion statement, not cover up perceived flaws in people’s skin. The brand has been embraced by people of all ages looking for a way to cultivate their colorful inner unicorn. Lime Crime with the extremely loud colors of its lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and nail polish is perfect for doing just that. Plus the products are made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals, so people can feel good about wearing it. Add the fact it goes on easy, is smudge-proof and lasts all day long and that makes it perfect for work or play.


The intensely colored cosmetics line was founded in 2008 and is now a ‘must have’ for socially conscious people looking to make a loud statement with their make-up. Deere chose the name Lime Crime because lime green is her favorite color. Plus she has been playing with make-up and sparkles and creating her own unique looks ever since she was a pre-teen. These days her bold, vibrant, animal-friendly line of cosmetics have an international following. That has enabled Doe Deere to find success on her own terms

and share her unique make-up with like-minded individuals all over the world.