Securus Technology is Bringing Families Together and Cracking Down on the Law

Securus Technology company is a profit prison technology business. The technology company was founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas. Securus has several locations around the U.S. that include areas in Texas such as Carrolton, Allen, and Atlanta, Ga. Securus sponsors over 2,00 correctional facilities that are in the U.S. and Canada. Securus provides cellphones to inmates in correctional facilities. During the year of 2016, Securus had formed a relationship with the Harris Corporation to create the “Cell Defender” technology. This year Securus announced a solution to prevent the cell phones from connecting to other mobile networks. Securus Technology company wants a family and their loved ones to stay connected no matter where they are. PRNewswire conducted an article on Securus about how customers felt about their technology companies. Here are some of the things the customers said:o one customer stated that they have siblings talk to inmates about a shooting that occurred has stated that the information will be used in solving the case. Another customer reported that the Securus softer along with the Investigator Pro makes Securus a leading phone provider in the business. Another customer said that Securus software with other enforcement resources has helped the department recover millions in illegal assets, drugs, and cash.


Eric Lefkofsky Contribution Towards Cancer Care

Eric Lefkofsky is an accomplished tech entrepreneur who has earned his name and title through the big names he has started and run. The successful tech guru is also throwing his contribution in the health sector too, specifically in the care of Cancer. Through Tempus, Eric has used his tech skills to come up with software that will help physicians in the health care to offer quality personalized care services to cancer patients.

Tempus is an innovative health care company that was founded to help provide quality health care services in the health industry. The company is involved in the collection and analyzing of data derived from other cancer patients and stored in a database. Thanks to a centralized database system, physicians can save a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted carrying out research and concentrate on offering quality care to their patients.

Apart from technology and innovation, Eric Lefkofsky has also been involved in writing. Taking up this skills from his formative years in college he has authored a book that highlights how technology can be used to overcome challenges faced in the business industry. The book is a comprehensive manual for any business or institution that is planning to be competitive in the market.

Eric Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist in nature. He contribution includes both monetary terms and in kind. Two institutions that have been lucky to enjoy Eric’s donations include Steppenwolf Theatre and Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Erick additionally runs a foundation that called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that supports a lot of schools and businesses under it.

Even as chronic diseases continues terrorizing families both financially and economically, Eric Lefkofsky is redefining hope giving them something to hope for. Through Tempus cancer patients can get customized care as the solid software developed by Eric helps analyze different solutions and providing one that is effective to theirs. Eric ha also spread the solutions to include other hospitals and organization such as Mayo Clinic. It’s just a matter of years, and the world care of cancer will be accessible and personalized to all thanks to Eric Lefkofsky and learn more about Eric.

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The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy- Helping Investors Succeed in Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is the founder and chief executive officer of Nick Real Estate Academy. He faced hardships while growing up as his mother struggled financially to meet the family needs. Nick is married, and he has three daughters.

Nick Vertucci’s luck changed when he started his own business selling computer parts. He loved the freedom of being his own boss. Things went well until 2000 when there was a financial crisis. For the next one year, he had no income or very little if any, and he found himself deeper in debt. According to Nick, a three-day workshop on real estate training that he was invited to attend by his friend was the best decision he ever made during this period. Nick Vertucci found the answer to getting out of the financial hole he was in at the seminar.

Nick Vertucci Companies offer solutions to the challenges that investors face in the real estate sector. The system allows investors to succeed using the same system that Nick used to make himself millions in the real estate market on The investors are taught everything they need to know on how to tackle the daily challenges that they are likely to face in the real estate market. The school works with the investor through the process of identifying the deal, repairing the property, and selling it off.

Nick’s system works in three basic steps on Finding the best deal and locking it down at the best possible price. The goal is to buy low and sell high thus generating wealth in the process. The second step is to rehab or rent the property, and the final step is making money from the properties. There are many success stories from investors who have gone to the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, for example, Eliot and Dan have ten houses so far since joining the system.

The Academy makes no promises, warranties, guarantees, or projections of future prospect earnings. Any earnings are estimates of what the academy thinks one would earn with no assurance of the same. The economy at in which one does business also contributes to the uncertainty and creates an economic risk. Therefore, the success of each investor depends on their motivation, dedication, work ethic, and their business skills. The investors are advised to do their own due diligence before making important business decisions, taking heed of qualified professionals’ advice. For instance, one should check with his lawyer or accountant before making a financial decision.

What You Should Know About Samuel Strauch; The Real Estate Giant

Samuel Strauch is a real estate investor who owns Metric Real Estate Company. The company is based in South Beach. The firm, however, has operations in various Latin American states. Metric Real Estate Company provides brokerage, development, management, and equity services to clients.

Contrary to the expected, Samuel started off his career life in the banking industry and only got into the real estate ventures after joining his family estate enterprises in South Florida. Mr. Strauch continues to grow his business to date to become a global enterprise. Moreover, Strauch is an investor in other areas such as restaurants and internet businesses.

Mr. Strauch explains that his real estate idea came into realization when he moved to Miami. In Miami, two things got the attention of Samuel. First, there was a revolution and rapid development in the real estate areas. Also, Miami city was being transformed from being just a vacation center to being a fully-fledged urban city on the beach. Samuel saw the opportunity and knew with his ability to bring together global investors and clients, his real estate company would come to being.

When asked, Samuel states that he does not have a typical day as every day of his life is unique. One core element and need in his business is meeting new people and working with existing clients to strengthen the existing ties. By working closely with the new clients and existing ones, the business can find new properties, Spark new ideas, enlarge the existing client base, and strike new business relationships. Moreover, the art of meeting new people in the field is a great way of starting great friendships.

Most people are, however, puzzled and often wonder what makes Mr. Strauch productive as a business person. Samuel Strauch values the art of meditation which he thinks everyone should also highly regard. While meditating, Samuel says it gives the mind ample time off to put the focus on both his career and family life. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, Samuel has a habit of setting five minutes every morning. The time allows Strauch to remind himself of three things in life. One, it helps him appreciate all that he has in his life. Also, he focusses on having an open mind while approaching things. And finally, he has the time to set the intentions and goals for that day.

Samuel Strauch Talks about the Best Suburban Centers for 2017

Samuel Strauch is a well-known entrepreneur in the real estate industry, having attended the business school in his days at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University. He is a great scholar of financial business. The man has built for himself a reputation that is based on extensive study of the market, but also extreme dedication and fruit of years of hard work and understanding the investment market like no one else did.

Samuel has his spot in Metrik Real Estate as the principal of the company, and his knowledge in the real estate business began in Miami when Samuel Strauch noticed the massive flow of housing developments that were coming to the city at an outstanding velocity.

Samuel Strauch recently gave an interview where he talked about the biggest local centers in the U.S. and the ones that were calling the most significant amount of real estate investors for the last couple of years. They are the hottest cities of the country, and they are great places to start investing as soon as possible before the sea gets swarmed with sharks.

Delver, Colorado, is a clear pick for one of the most populated and with the most movement. It has a lot of cultural attraction for outsiders and individuals who have never been to that part of the U.S. territory as well and more information click here.

Next, Samuel Strauch spoke about Dallas and San Francisco, both of equally strong reputation but for different reasons. Dallas, Texas, is home to some of the best attractions of the state, being home to the Dallas Zoo, a great attraction, and being a metropolitan center that is on every traveler’s radar. For San Francisco, well, California was always a hot option for modern families, and the real estate business come with high prices and affordable options, being one of the top options for families to move in if they want to start a new life and what Samuel knows.

Now, three centers in Florida have made it to the top cities in the suburban picture of the U.S., and those are Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, and little has to be said about them. They are got targets for individuals coming from the outside traveling schedule, and they offer some of the best comfort and American feel and visit google plus account.

These are some of Samuel Strauch’s picks for the hottest cities to pay attention to in 2017.

George Soros: The Voice of the Voiceless

George Soros is a prominent billionaire in the US whose net worth is approximately $US 25 billion. He is a very generous man and has been giving financial support to progressive groups for many years. In addition, his philanthropy goes a long way, this is evident in his support for the refugees and the migrants, which is known all over as well as his support for criminal justice reform in the United States. George Soros is determined to change the world and leave an impact, to make its inhabitants progressive and enlightened.

George Soros has dedicated a lot of wealth towards political causes in the United States. It is very interesting to see many anti-Soros theories crop up all in a bid to accuse him of many schemes and secrecy when in essence his Open Society Foundation strives to promote fairness to social justice. George Soros has taken the criticism leveled against him positively. His foundation has spent over $US1.5 billion solely on democratic reforms which includes democratic governance, criminal justice, immigration and freedom of expression all within the United States. This explains his insatiable appetite for reforms in the country, having set aside that huge amount of money shows his seriousness towards reforms. According to the political activities of prominent conservative donors, George Soros involvement and subsequently the amount he spent is very much in line George Soros is a very gallant man and is not afraid of pointing out that which he thinks is not right.

As of now, the renowned philanthropist has donated over $12 billion and will certainly go down in history as a philanthropist with a difference having shown his support to individuals and organizations. His philanthropy mainly targets people who are facing discrimination. George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He survived the Nazi occupation that resulted to the death of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His family survived this incident having secured false identity paper; they also helped other families. This must be the driving force towards George Soros philanthropy. George Soros Relocated to London from Budapest. He was a part time worker and a student at London Business School of economics. Later in 1956 he relocated to the US entered the finance world, in here that he was able to amass a lot of wealth. Learn more about his profile at

George launched his own Hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, and subsequently worked hard to become a very successful investor in the US. He is attributed to giving scholarships to black South African students during the apartheid era, which is a gesture that will make him go down in history. He has also supported the lawyers representing people who are unlawfully held.