George Soros: The Voice of the Voiceless

George Soros is a prominent billionaire in the US whose net worth is approximately $US 25 billion. He is a very generous man and has been giving financial support to progressive groups for many years. In addition, his philanthropy goes a long way, this is evident in his support for the refugees and the migrants, which is known all over as well as his support for criminal justice reform in the United States. George Soros is determined to change the world and leave an impact, to make its inhabitants progressive and enlightened.

George Soros has dedicated a lot of wealth towards political causes in the United States. It is very interesting to see many anti-Soros theories crop up all in a bid to accuse him of many schemes and secrecy when in essence his Open Society Foundation strives to promote fairness to social justice. George Soros has taken the criticism leveled against him positively. His foundation has spent over $US1.5 billion solely on democratic reforms which includes democratic governance, criminal justice, immigration and freedom of expression all within the United States. This explains his insatiable appetite for reforms in the country, having set aside that huge amount of money shows his seriousness towards reforms. According to the political activities of prominent conservative donors, George Soros involvement and subsequently the amount he spent is very much in line George Soros is a very gallant man and is not afraid of pointing out that which he thinks is not right.

His philanthropy mainly targets people who are facing discrimination. George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He survived the Nazi occupation that resulted to the death of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His family survived this incident having secured false identity paper; they also helped other families. This must be the driving force towards George Soros philanthropy. George Soros Relocated to London from Budapest. He was a part time worker and a student at London Business School of economics. Later in 1956 he relocated to the US entered the finance world, in here that he was able to amass a lot of wealth. Learn more about his profile at

George launched his own Hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, and subsequently worked hard to become a very successful investor in the US. He is attributed to giving scholarships to black South African students during the apartheid era, which is a gesture that will make him go down in history. He has also supported the lawyers representing people who are unlawfully held.

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