What You Should Know About Samuel Strauch; The Real Estate Giant

Samuel Strauch is a real estate investor who owns Metric Real Estate Company. The company is based in South Beach. The firm, however, has operations in various Latin American states. Metric Real Estate Company provides brokerage, development, management, and equity services to clients.

Contrary to the expected, Samuel started off his career life in the banking industry and only got into the real estate ventures after joining his family estate enterprises in South Florida. Mr. Strauch continues to grow his business to date to become a global enterprise. Moreover, Strauch is an investor in other areas such as restaurants and internet businesses.

Mr. Strauch explains that his real estate idea came into realization when he moved to Miami. In Miami, two things got the attention of Samuel. First, there was a revolution and rapid development in the real estate areas. Also, Miami city was being transformed from being just a vacation center to being a fully-fledged urban city on the beach. Samuel saw the opportunity and knew with his ability to bring together global investors and clients, his real estate company would come to being.

When asked, Samuel states that he does not have a typical day as every day of his life is unique. One core element and need in his business is meeting new people and working with existing clients to strengthen the existing ties. By working closely with the new clients and existing ones, the business can find new properties, Spark new ideas, enlarge the existing client base, and strike new business relationships. Moreover, the art of meeting new people in the field is a great way of starting great friendships.

Most people are, however, puzzled and often wonder what makes Mr. Strauch productive as a business person. Samuel Strauch values the art of meditation which he thinks everyone should also highly regard. While meditating, Samuel says it gives the mind ample time off to put the focus on both his career and family life. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, Samuel has a habit of setting five minutes every morning. The time allows Strauch to remind himself of three things in life. One, it helps him appreciate all that he has in his life. Also, he focusses on having an open mind while approaching things. And finally, he has the time to set the intentions and goals for that day.

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