Securus Technology is Bringing Families Together and Cracking Down on the Law

Securus Technology company is a profit prison technology business. The technology company was founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas. Securus has several locations around the U.S. that include areas in Texas such as Carrolton, Allen, and Atlanta, Ga. Securus sponsors over 2,00 correctional facilities that are in the U.S. and Canada. Securus provides cellphones to inmates in correctional facilities. During the year of 2016, Securus had formed a relationship with the Harris Corporation to create the “Cell Defender” technology. This year Securus announced a solution to prevent the cell phones from connecting to other mobile networks. Securus Technology company wants a family and their loved ones to stay connected no matter where they are. PRNewswire conducted an article on Securus about how customers felt about their technology companies. Here are some of the things the customers said:o one customer stated that they have siblings talk to inmates about a shooting that occurred has stated that the information will be used in solving the case. Another customer reported that the Securus softer along with the Investigator Pro makes Securus a leading phone provider in the business. Another customer said that Securus software with other enforcement resources has helped the department recover millions in illegal assets, drugs, and cash.


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