Let’s Examine Luiz Carlos Trabuco Of Bradesco

Bradesco is the type of company in which every Brazilian citizen is able to identify (or even have an account with). Think about companies like Wells Fargo in the United States; Bradesco is on par with its size and popularity.

There are over 5,000 bank branches with tens of thousands of cash machines all over the country. Chances are, you will probably spot the Bradesco logo if you live or visit the country.

The company has roots going all the way to the 1940’s as a modest bank in a medium-sized town. They have since moved to a suburb of Sao Paulo with an impressive looking headquarters. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is now at the helm of this large company and it aims to take the spot of the largest bank in Brazil once again.

The Death Of The Founder
Amador Aguiar had lived a long fulfilling life and his reign over his own company had lasted until his death bed. His death had shaken up the company and there was a scramble to reform the leadership structure after his death. Since there had only been one leader of the company, the executives had to think quick on how to find a successor. Luiz had been a prime candidate but he was simply too young to be a CEO of such a large company.

The position was eventually given to Márcio Cypriano, who had a high level of respect and seniority within the company. Luiz would take his position several years later as Marcio would surpass the age limit of the company. Bradesco had set a maximum age that a CEO can remain on top so that others would have the chance to take the position.

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A Grim Financial Outlook
In reality, the corporation will be fine under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The problem is that the Brazilian markets have been in a downward trend due to external influences. The return on investment for equity has been declining significantly. The loan market in Brazil is also shrinking and the banks are left with a smaller piece of the pie to fight over.

Luiz The Reformer
Luiz had made it to his position due to changing the route the company has taken since the 1980s. As a marketing director, he had to create more positive PR than the company had ever achieved before. Amador wanted to keep everything behind closed doors but that sort of strategy does not work in the modern marketplace. Bradesco now has a much larger market share and higher brand recognition due to such marketing tactics.

Another reason that Luiz is so different from Amador is that he does not believe the “equal treatment” policy that the founder had maintained. Instead, Luiz targets high-net-worth individuals to join the bank and he gives them special treatment. Since working class people make a smaller slice of the pie, Luiz knew that he must go for the big fish and be aggressive about it.

A Family Guy
Luiz is not the typical CEO that lives a high-paced and ultra-luxurious lifestyle. His life is centered around his family and they have a relatively modest lifestyle for a CEO. He is calm, well-mannered, and soft spoken for a CEO as well. He had lived a modest life when he was younger, so he believes in hard work and loyalty to his company rather than jumping ship to the highest offer. The loyalty he had spent with Bradesco had now paid off that he worked his way from a clerk all the way to being the boss.

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