Securus prevents crime with high-tech cellular interdiction

One of the most serious threats that any carceral institution faces in the United States is the use by inmates of illicit cellular devices. These devices are often smuggled into the facility undetected by staff, where they are used by gang leaders, known as shot callers, to help communicate with outside associates and conduct business both inside and outside of the prison’s walls. Because these devices have been used for serious crimes, including ordering murders of citizens on the outside, they are viewed by prison staff as one of the most potent sources of instability that could be introduced into the facility.


Until recently, it was virtually impossible to effectively detect these devices once they had entered into the prison. Because there are so many ways for small cellular devices to be introduced illegally into the facility, it was an extremely difficult task to control the flow of illegal cellular devices and to interdict the conversations that illicitly take place on them. But now, Securus Technologies has devised a way for prison staff to successfully detect and seize these dangerous devices.


Through the use of technology developed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, known as Stingray, Securus is allowing prison staff the ability to detect any cellular devices that are present on the property. Additionally, the system can interdict calls coming from any cellular device within its range. It can then be used in listening mode, in order to surreptitiously listen in on the conversation taking place. It can even be used spoof the recipients’ cellular phone, allowing prison staff to impersonate the individual that the person using the illicit phone is attempting to contact.


Through high-tech solutions like these, Securus Technologies is helping prisons throughout the United States achieve a level of safety that was never before possible.


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