Daniel Taub- A diplomat and a staunch Orthodox Jew

Diplomacy is normally an important role for any country. The way a country deals with its diplomatic relation determines a lot how it will relate with other countries in the world. In the century we are living in, there is no way a will manage to live all by itself. It must work in mutual interest with other countries in the world. Diplomacy is enhanced by countries appointing ambassadors to represent their interest in other countries. Daniel Taub was appointed by Israel to represent its diplomatic interests in the United Kingdom. He was appointed in 2011 and served up to 2015. His role in the office of the ambassador was to ensure that the two countries managed to create a strong bond that would make it possible for the two countries to corporate more in areas of common interest. Daniel Taub did not disappoint his country. He represented his country in the best way that he could manage, he worked closely with the government of the United Kingdom and the Israeli government to come up with a plan that would work for the two countries.



His achievements in the office of the ambassador were clear a short while after he took, office. The relations between the two countries kept on strengthening. He managed to put the two countries together in a way that no other diplomat in the history of this two cities has ever managed. Daniel Taub was special. As a trained international lawyer, he managed to put the interests of the two countries together and enhanced their cooperation. Daniel Taub role in the office of the ambassador was perfectly done. He managed to make his country Israel gain a lot from the relations that have been established. In the four years that he had been in the office of the ambassador, he managed to double the trade between the United Kingdom and Israel. This was a great achievement for his country. More Israeli goods were now selling in the United Kingdom than ever before. According to the secretary of business, innovations, and skills in the United Kingdom. Trade between the two countries stood at $t billion in a year by the time Daniel Taub was leaving office. This is a commendable achievement that he had managed to accomplish.



Daniel Taub also saw other sectors improve. Israel gained a lot from business links and cultural interactions with the United Kingdom. He has managed to keep the country on the map for all the good reasons even at a time when the country was going through a serious crisis in the Middle East.


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