Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle, Mind Master
The company WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is a company which involves itself in buying and selling of virtual assets through tokens. By tokenization, it means that sensitive element is substituted with a non-sensitive item, so that there is no meaning in value. It also involves itself in transfer of assets and fractionalization of assets so that it is possible to own a fraction of an ornament or a valuable item. It has been made possible through transfer agents, who are in charge of delivering assets and are supervised by guilds, ensuring that the company continues to uphold their position in asset transfer.
Moreover, guilds are in charge of over sighting the regulations. Putting assets to worldwide assets exchange frequently increases its security because hackers’ manipulation will be reduced as they have to go through all transactions to achieve whatever they are looking for. Additionally, its frequently used block chain has been a source of security to the company and increasing is speed tremendously.
Malcom CasSelle is a computer science graduate with a bachelor degree holder from MIT and a masters holder from Stanford university. He is the president of the WAX company where he has mentored people to bit coin, he has created investments in the technological industry and has led successful teams. His great smartness in technology has been the driving force in his innovations. Furthermore, his willingness to try a technological investment without fear of the risks that might be involved has been another source of his success.
In addition, he has worked in several companies improving their profits in a short time such as NetNoir, Tencent and video gaming. He sells items from video games too. Malcom CasSelle created a market place for video game so that people are able to trade freely without unnecessary cost fee incurred such as currency conversion and processor fee payment, instead they use bit-coins. It serves millions of on-line players who are lovers of the games.

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