Shaping of Brazilian Shopping Mall Industry through the Eyes of Roberto Santiago

In any economy, the market fluctuations are highly reflected in the retail as well as financial industries. It is a phenomenon seen across the world as both are directly depending on the spending tendency of the customers or the end-users. Brazil was facing some serious financial trouble for the last few years, and the slowdown was visible across the industries except one – the shopping mall industry. Considering the direct hit of business expected in the retail industry, everyone foresaw a major blow to the shopping mall sector. But, the industry made an unexpected growth during the turbulent years of the economy. In the year 2015, the industry reported an excellent growth of 6.5%. What helped the shopping mall industry to make surplus growth?


The growth is because of some of the visionary entrepreneurs with creativity in their thoughts to pump and influx into the industry. Roberto Santiago is a prominent name among those entrepreneurs who captured an imaginary success in the Brazilian shopping mall industry. He is the founder of Paraíba-based Manaira Shopping, which was actually opened almost three decades back, in 1989. Since its opening, the business and flow of customers into it never slowed. Per the latest estimate, the shopping mall receives just over 20 million customers or visitors per year. Additionally, more international brands are making their presence inside the mall considering the business prospects with respect to the growing numbers.


Specifically, the vision and the growth strategy of Santiago helped the mall to be an evergreen hit among the people of Paraíba as well as the tourists. He ensured that the shopping mall offers something new to every visitors though they are regular visitors to the mall. Santiago made the shopping mall expanded numerous times and brought new brands, entertainment options, dining choices, and more. According to him, Manaira Shopping received at least five major expansions along with many other minor expansions since it opened in 1989. Santiago was focused on the changing interests of the customers and unique offerings available across the sector around the world. He brought everything that adds value in the form of shopping, entertainment, and more into the mall.


Santiago ensured that his shopping mall has a right mix of choices from families to young individuals. It has the state-of-the-art 11 screen movie halls with ultra-modern cinematic projection technology along with 3D halls, VIP rooms, and more. Domus hall – an entertainment venue at the roof of the mall – is another important destination inside the mall that can hold almost 15,000 people. It is the most popular venue for art festivals, exhibitions, corporate programs, media events, college festivals, and more. The mall also houses various services, gym, an electronic amusement park for children, Game Station, options for bowling sport, and more.



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