Talk Fusion, Using The Combined Power of Technology and Marketing Expertise To Rebrand HuffPost

Talk Fusion is the comprehensive solution for video marketing services, and this company is known to help their clients always be one step ahead of their competitors. Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina who is also the CEO of this firm. On April 26, 2017, PR Newswire reported that Talk Fusion had published two articles on HuffPost that week. These pieces were posted during the re-branding of HuffPost, and while the first article went online before the re-branding, the second informative piece was released soon after this popular publishing website was re-named.



The primary purpose of the second article was to tell the untold tales of all the people who have been left out of the discussion. This new piece was titled, How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters and was a part of the letter shared by Lydia Polgreen, none other than the editor of chief of HuffPost.



Bob Reina is known to be a firm believer in the power of innovation, and he stated that a brand’s growth could never be complete. Bon Reina, who is both a leader and a philanthropist, has a goal to push people to succeed, irrespective of their geographic location or their situation. His belief reflects in his articles as a contributor to HuffPost ever since he started publishing on this platform in August 2016. His expertise lies in topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing technologies, video technologies, skill-based selling, lifestyle and personal development.



Bob Reina stated that he was pleased to observe that HuffPost, a trending platform took a moment to speak about culture and fulfillment, two topics that are important to people. Bob Reina is now waiting to publish future articles with both Talk Fusion’s customers as well as the 200 million subscribers of HuffPost.



Talk Fusion was launched on the concept that the company is not only meant to be a leading global business solution for video marketing services, but this firm is all about people. As an enterprise, Talk Fusion is swiftly developing businesses while connecting to end users and at this point, they have operations in 140 countries. Bob Reina firmly believes that this firm is focused on improving the lives of people by encouraging them to chase their aspirations.



Talk Fusion is known as a leader in video marketing solutions and for good reasons. One of the futuristic product offered by this video marketing solutions Moghul is the video email that consists of 1,000 vivid themes, ranging from greetings for various occasions to business-related reminders. Talk Fusion also has a range of other engaging products such as high impact perfectly designed video newsletters that can be customized with logos, colors, designs, photos, and fonts, as well as video presentations that can be created by combining streaming videos and PowerPoint slides ( The video chat application created by Talk Fusion has won various awards as this multi-platform app can connect to any device designed by humans. The video sign up forms work in favor of customers differently as the email lists are built effortlessly while giving the user the freedom to customize the templates by choosing from a myriad of designs. The most intriguing feature of these sign-up forms is that video autoresponder completes all the follow-up campaigns on behalf of the creator of the mailing list.


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