Daniel Taub One of the Most Successful Ambassadors of Israel to the UK

Daniel Taub served as the Ambassador of Israel to the UK for four years, from 2011 till 2015. He will be remembered as the ambassador that helped build stronger ties between the UK and Israel through better trading opportunities. It is no surprise that the trade between the two countries was at the highest mark during his four-year tenure. He took up a number of strategies himself to help deepen the relations.

It was during an event that the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills, Sajid Javid admitted that the four-year tenure of Daniel Taub could be considered as a golden era for the two countries.

More than 300 companies have started their operations in Israel during this period, and the trade reached $5.5 million which is something no one could have imagined.

Daniel Taub, who was born in the UK, left his UK citizenship and dedicated his life for the betterment of the country Israel where he spent most of his adult life. He has worked as the peace negotiator for the Israel government and was an essential part of the team that went to the Northern Ireland for peace talks. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

He has studied law and is also a writer who openly shares his views about a different political issue concerning today’s generation. He is of the opinion that everyone should be able to practice free speech but one should not degrade other cultures in the process.


If a country has to live in peace and move forward, they need to be adaptive towards different religions. His work for the betterment of relations between the UK and Israel led him to win the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Honour in 2013.

During the unrest in Bradford when MP George Galloway declared that the city would be an Israel free zone. He promised that Bradford would ban all goods coming from Israel and would not let any Israel-based company operate in the country.

Many tourists from Israel feared to enter the city because of the backlash. But, Daniel Taub visited the city right after it and was surprised to see how its people did not accept the declaration by MP Galloway. Many people asked him to avoid visiting the city, but he was adamant to change the views of the people.

He was welcomed and said that the government should work towards moving forward and not push back the country to its old days.

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