Success of Roberto Santiago in real estate investment

Roberto Santiago is one of the celebrated entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has a lot of transformations regarding real estate investment in the world. Roberto graduated with B.A from University Center of Joao Pessoa. He serves as the CEO of Manaira Shopping Mall.the mall was constructed using the modern technology between 1987 and 1989.

Roberto Santiago has a vast knowledge of economic trends. He was the first entrepreneur to notice that real estate investment was increasing rapidly in Brazil. Santiago was able to manage his finances and channeled to real estate investment. Santiago has been emulated by many real estate investors in the world due to his ability to build wealth and successes that he has achieved.

The success of Santiago in life is traced to the commitment and the hard work while he was still young. He started saving money and venturing into small businesses at an early age. He gained business management skills that have enabled him to grow his wealth. Roberto Santiago is also a famous professional writer who has mentored millions of young people across the globe. He has encouraged the youths to develop business strategies and invest in various businesses.

The success of Santiago is behind the success of Manaira Shopping Mall.the mall is one of the best in Brazil. The location of the mall is a strategic point to serve many has been constructed on 92 000 square feet. Santiago chose the flat area since it suitable for the establishment of recreational area. The mall is visited by over 1.6 million people consumers. The experience of Santiago aided him planning the construction of the house. The mall contains spaces such as food court, college, conference rooms, and gym. Most of the people visit the mall since they can find all the things they need in one place. The mall is operated all throughout the has nice places such as clubs and parlor for relaxation. The mall has become a hub for international visitors. The creativity of Santiago is evident in the organization of the mall to enable the visitors to achieve their has cinema halls where people can enjoy 3D movies.

Roberto Santiago is currently the leader in real estate investment in Brazil. Santiago is celebrated due to his nature of helping other people in the society. He has used his career to mentor other real estate investors to venture into the commercial real estate. Santiago has become an example to many people due to the success of Manaira Shopping Mall. He takes advantage of the economic growth his business. The experience that is has gained has assisted many real estate investors to analyze the potential risks that are encountered in the business. Santiago has set a pace of real estate investment in Brazil.


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