Former Israeli diplomat talks about peace in the Middle East

Daniel Taub is a diplomat and the former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub served for four years in the office of the ambassador. Hos role just like any other ambassador was to represent his country and make sure that they gained from bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Daniel Taub gave his country exactly what they needed; a good relationship with the United Kingdom. At the end of his term, the relation between Israel and the U.K was spectacular.

There were significant gains in a number of areas where the two countries shared common interests. Of all the other things, trade was the winner. In just the four years he was in office, it doubled.

Although Daniel Taub was happy with his achievements as the ambassador to the United Kingdom, he was concerned by the manner in which Britain wanted to push for peace in the Middle East region. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

They seemed like they did not understand the people of this region. First of all, they had already prematurely concluded that Israel was liable for the conflicts. With such a notion, they were destined to make the wrong decision when approaching methods of peaceful resolution.

Once the wrong approach is applied, there can never be any peace resolution reached.

According to Daniel Taub, Britain was trying to apply the approach of pushing for forceful means of peaceful resolution. They thought that through the use of boycotts of the Jews and their goods from some parts of the country that there would be any change. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

They seemed to be mistaken on that. Daniel Taub knew that peace in the region could only be seen through conciliatory approaches.

Whenever there was an external push for the country to act in a manner that the international community wanted, they Jews would defy by electing that same government that was being condemned by the international community back in power.

Daniel Taub says that the people of Israel do not lie to be forced into taking certain action. Pressure cannot and will never work in Israeli. No matter how much the international community led by a country like Britain try, they will always end up with an egg on the face because Jews love to be listened to.

According to Daniel Taub, the only way there can be peace is through conciliatory methods where all parties involved in the conflicts can be heard. Israelis are ready for peace, but it should not be forced in them according to Taub.

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