Hussein Sajwani Is Building DAMAC Properties through Strategic Alliances

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire based in Dubai. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Sajwani owns DAMAC Properties. It is a growing brand that serves multiple clients in Dubai. Over the years, he crafted the art of building the business by forming good relations. Hussain understands the value of networking with high-profile individuals. He has used this strategy to elevate his business.




Background Data




Hussain began the business from a modest point. He owned a catering division that served clients in Abu Dhabi. The company, under Hussain’s guidance, was a market leader for years. It served over 200 clients by providing more than 150,000 meals in a day. Some of the markets covered by the catering business include Africa, the CIS and the Middle East. Also, it served construction agencies, army camps as well as educational centers.








The DAMAC Owner delved into the real estate industry in 2002. He was a pioneer in Dubai’s property industry. By being keen in business, he identified a market opportunity then established his dream and he currently among the most relished business people worldwide. Perhaps this is a characteristic he inherited from his father. Hussain’s father was a serial entrepreneur. He imported goods from China. Moreover, he also owned a merchandise shop that served most residents.








Hussain Sajwani worked in a gas industry after college. That was the onset of his entrepreneurial careers. When he founded DAMAC Properties, he was uncertain of its future. However, his main wish was that the company would prosper beyond anyone’s expectations. Hussain committed time and effort to recruit competent employees. The employees at DAMAC are commited to serving clients in all aspects.






DAMAC Properties’ Rise


DAMAC Properties has built over 19,000 apartments for different clients. It has also constructed more than 44,000 units in multiple, developmental stages. DAMAC is listed as a leading property developer in Dubai’s financial market. With Hussain’s input, the firm has expanded its operations to London’s stock exchange.








Hussain’s input in DAMAC Properties is admirable. He partnered with President Donald Trump and Tiger Woods on a golf course project. He has also worked with Versace to build branded apartments. Hussain is a leader, philanthropist and role model. He utilizes talent to create a brand. The Hussain Sajwani family is proud to be associated with the hard-working entrepreneur.


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