Whitney Wolfe Takes Stance Against Guns

The recent fall back from the mass shootings that occurred in Florida has led to movements to change the way that we think about guns and our relationship to them. In order to help push this forward Whitney Wolfe has decided she wants to get rid of gun photos from her popular dating app.

This decision is only the latest in a series of responses to the new issues surrounding guns in this country. Wolfe has shown that she understands how to use her female dating app as a platform for change across the world and this is just the latest example of that.

The impact of what her has done is something to be appreciated even by those who otherwise don’t think about the world of tech. The decision to make this move is going to give strength to the movement that it otherwise didn’t. It means that our leaders can’t ignore this any longer and pretend that there isn’t a major problem with the way we treat the issue of violence in America. One voice standing up can make a huge different if people allow themselves to be heard any way that they can. This will only prove that even more.

Whitney Wolfe has the ambition to take things further than others have. She has created Bumble because she was tired of seeing the lack of female empowerment in dating apps. That has made her an icon that many people can look at and realize what it really means to be a woman in tech. She has proven herself in other areas before but this is what she sees as her most important work. She was the co-founder of Tinder and now the CEO of Bumble, the feminist dating app. The only way for this to continue to work is to try to do something that often hasn’t been done. We need to see others copy what she has and make a new voice against what’s happening in the world today. There are going to be people who take this and believe that her decision is not important or something of note but they are wrong. She has changed dating app for the better and she continues to offer up ways to make the world around us a better place. If she can empower women she can also help us with this. All we need is to have others take all the steps they can towards making sure their voices are heard as well in the end of it.

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