Uncompromise And Transparent Stance Of Bruno Fagali In Legal Practice

Bruno Jorge Fagali, also known as Bruno Fagali, is one of the few Brazilian lawyers with a promising future, who has a new perspective into the country’s legal system. The Sao Paulo-based attorney is well conversant with the administrative law having in-depth knowledge and experience in the field and has taken numerous companies through merger and acquisition agreements.

He operates his legal firm, Fagali Advocacy, which specializes in anti-corruption law, electoral law, administrative contracts, bidding law, expropriation actions, public civil actions and regulatory law among others. In his unique concern for ethics in legal practice especially professionalism and integrity, Bruno Fagali has cut unforeseen reputation.

Due to corruption cases involving public funds, Bruno has come up with ways to purge the system of the vice. This includes integrity drives to firms and departments given government contracts. Bruno Fagali has helped corporate firms develop transparency mechanisms within themselves by offering special training and ethics drives. Fagali Advocacy has a made in upholding social equality as guided by him.

He is the current Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB, a leading advertisement company in Brazil with numerous government advertising contracts and World Health Organization. Here, he gets his hands dirty by taking care of the firm’s corporate integrity program and has gone ahead to establish an ethics committee. Additionally, he has started equal treatment for both members and employees even as he offers the company employees training on integrity.

At the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Bruno Fagali acquired his bachelors of law, before he started working as an intern and later attorney at Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. He holds a Master’s Degree in Administrative and Anti-corruption Law from the University of Sao Paulo and has numerous certificates on short law courses. He is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English languages.

He is keen to see that all employees in a company adhere to its internal compliance standards regardless of rank, where all must observe and uphold integrity. Citing the case of Raj Nair who was fired despite being Ford’s president in North America after internal investigations, he said that was the way to go. Bruno Fagali says that companies should also enhance other compliance measures apart from corruption such as social compliance regarding moral, sexual, gender, racial, abuse of power or any other harassments.

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