Rocketship Education-Helping Their Students Succeed

Many Nashville schools are using MAP to track the progress of their students. MAP, also known as Measures of Academic Progress, is a way to see how much a student has progressed in the school year but growth scores tell how much a student has progressed no matter when they started.

Currently, over 7,400 schools globally are using MAP to calculate the progress of their students and Rocketship Public Schools have always used MAP to map the progress of their students. Mapping the progress of students is vital to knowing where they are at and what they need to improve on in order to meet their grade requirements. Many students who come from underprivileged homes are behind and is a student remains in the 10th percentile on a standardized test nationally they are likely to drop out of school entirely.

70 percent of the students at Rocketship United Academy are considered to be at a disadvantage but they can and will achieve success in their schooling with the right guidance. Rocketship Public Schools are devoted to the rich growth of their students and offer not only STEM, Humanities, and Learning Lab studies, but Enrichment classes as well. Rocketship Public Schools believe in the potential of their students and want their students to have all the tools that they need to succeed. They realize that obtaining good grades and excelling in school takes a lot of effort and they are encouraging their students to do better every step of the way through support and a well thought out learning path.

At Rocketship Public Schools, their students are given the same opportunities and experiences as everyone else and they excel in the nourishing learning environment that they offer. Students are able to learn about emotional and positive behavior and they build their confidence as their grades in school excel. They are able to learn about gardening, art, nutrition, dance, and many other enrichment activities. Students are also encouraged to develop their emotional and social skills. Parents are even encouraged to participate and to help their children to succeed in their educational goals.

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