The New Direction Of The Chainsmokers Is Doing Moderately Well Despite The Drastic Change

Music has been constantly changing over the decades, with new sounds being produced each generation. Today, party music is widely popular, and fun vibes greatly appealing to the younger audiences. Over the past couple of years, the Chainsmokers have made many hits through the EDM genre and collaborating with many high profile artists, rocketing them into a level of fame they didn’t expect in such a short time. The Chainsmokers have shocked their fans and audiences with a completely fresh sound that no one could have expected. “Sick Boy” is currently mixing everything up with the Chainsmokers audience, never expecting to hear such a dark tone from artists who typically follow the party scene.

Alex and Andrew originally met up thanks to Alex’s manager. Andrew had just split up with his other bandmate and needed someone to collaborate with. Alex’s manager brought the two together and right off the bat it was instant compatibility. They began working together constantly and it wasn’t long before they started releasing music. In 2015, everything changed when they collaborated to create “Roses”. This song was a smash hit that hit the top of the music charts, taking the Chainsmokers along with it to the top of the EDM charts and the DJ world.

The Chainsmokers have had many hits in the past couple years and many of them have come through their collaborations with different up and coming artists, such as Halsey in “Closer”. Despite the new direction the group is taking, fans are happier than ever to hear them connecting with their fans again. There was a long hiatus since the Chainsmokers released a song before “Sick Boy” when comparing to how often they released songs in the past. In the future, the Chainsmokers have promised not to take such a long break from their music again, they just needed to find what they were looking for as artists.


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