Anthony Petrello Facilitating Growth At Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is one of the brilliant executives in the United States. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, one of the biggest oil and gas drilling firms in the country. He is the reason why this company has recorded so much growth in the last two decades. He joined the oil firm in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer, and his impact was immediately felt. His role was to streamline the operations of the company and ensure that there was growth in the company. Tony Petrello made sure that his role in the company was to take it to the next level of development. He has succeeded in ensuring that the company has the best facilities which are needed in the whole industry. The technology that is applied in modern drilling are available through this company.

Anthony Petrello has taken the company through a series of brilliant decisions which have led to the expansion of the business. When he entered the oil industry, Nabors industries was just a middle-market business. He came up with measures that would facilitate growth in a very short time. He ensured that the company purchased some of the smaller firms in the industry to increase the services delivery in the industry,. The company acquired two vital competing firms under the instructions of Tony Petrello. The acquisitions saw business operations for Nabors Industries go up quickly.

Tony has throughout his career with Nabors industries given his all. He has steered the company in the right manner. He is always focusing his attention on things that matter to the industry. Even before he joined the industry, he was known for being a problem solver. He was working as a lawyer for a firm in New York known as Baker & McKenzie. In fact, Nabors management spotted him while he was working in the legal industry. They spotted the talent and brilliance he had especially in solving problems and decided to hire him as their COO. One of the biggest contributions he has made today is taking Nabors a leading form in the world after just two decades. He became the CEO in 2011.

Tony Petrello has taken the company through another process of making it community-friendly. The company has been very supportive of the community and projects, and it is always on top of matters when it comes to the giving back to the community. One of the recent contributions they made was supporting victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2011.

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