Leader and Entrepreneur- Louis Chenevert

He is a Canadian businessman who has been successful and has also held top positions. Mr. Louis Chenevert has a humble beginning, Louis is a go-getter, and also very hard working. He has achieved his success through determination which considered as an old method of being prominent. Louis knows that it does not matter where you start in life, instead what matters is how you end up. In 1958 Montreal, Quebec Louis Chenevert was born, and at a very young age, he began a business because he knew it is only through hard work and commitment that he will be able to achieve all he wanted in life.

After his high school graduation, Mr. Chenevert joined University of Montreal HEC Montreal Business School and graduated with a course in Production Management. Production management ensures that goods and commodities produced are of high quality, the right quantity, the rate of production is of high speed, low cost of production, and high profits. Taking the course which is very important in the production industry, Mr. Louis wanted to be part of the companies success. After his graduation from the University, Louis was lucky to get a job serving at General Motors St. Therese, Quebec. Guy Hachey hired Louis, and according to his boss, he never regrets that he employed Louis. After a while, Mr. Chenevert was given the responsibility of overseeing the General Motors assembly line in Montreal.

Hachey and Louis were determined to expand and improve the company’s operations as they climb the career ladder. According to Guy Hachey, he was a year and a half older than Louis in the motor company, and every time he was promoted he also promoted his friend to succeed him. In 2008 Guy Hachey joined Bombardier Aerospace Company as the President and the Chief Operating Officer where he worked until 2014. After 14 years serving in the motor assembly industry, Louis decided it took another turn in a different sector. One of his friends Karl Krapek advised him to join the aerospace industry. Louis was very experienced and he took the advice and he joined Pratt & Whitney Canada which is an aircraft organization based in Canada. Louis Chenevert has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies.


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