Dick and Betsy DeVos: Education Reformer and Advocate for Infrastructure

If education reform how to face it would be Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education and she has not been shy about her stance on education reform when it comes to the public-school system. She expresses a disappointment in how stagnant the system has become in recent years, even going so far as to call for increased interest in private school educations. When she’s speaking about these private school educations she is usually talking about the long-held institutions that typically come to mind when you think about private schools, but in recent years she has been trying to bring other types of institutions to the forefront of American minds. Such institutions would include charter schools and home schools for children looking for alternative methods of education. Many people don’t know that her husband Dick divorce is just as dedicated to changing the way that people participate in education. He has seen the downfall of the education industry and expressed a desire to help overhaul it. He does not want to see students suffer because of a lackluster education.


Dick and Betsy DeVos are major financial contributors to the city of Grand Rapids. This is where they with and raise their family. “Dick and Betsy DeVos: Changing Institutions and the Face of Their Hometown” is an article that has been published to disclose some of the charitable work that they do for the town of Grand Rapids. One of the most impressive accomplishments, among many impressive accomplishments, is their establishment of a charter school and the hand they played in shaping the skyline of their beloved city. When it comes to helping shape the skyline of their hometown, Dick divorce noticed and that there were problematic plans in the works when he came to constructing a massive structure in downtown Grand Rapids. He showed a lot of concern as to how it was laid out, thinking that different buildings would meet the same needs that the structure would, without disrupting the local population as much. Unfortunately, he had seen the mistake in Detroit when they went to construct their own facilities. Along with several other businessmen within his community, labeling themselves Grand Action, they helped to facilitate a more community-centric approach to building.


The other accomplishment that Dick and Betsy DeVos were able to accomplish in the community was the founding of a unique charter school. The charter school is centered around teaching children about aviation and flight. The children are able to tack on maintenance classes, flight simulation, and eventual independent flight onto their foundational learning schedules. This gives them the opportunity to learn about something that they find invigorating while also getting a foundational crash course in the building blocks of education. While much attention has been centered around the election of Betsy DeVos to her office, many people are not entirely aware of how much she is done for the city of Grand Rapids with her husband Dick. Those who are interested in getting to know her better will find the article on Crainsdetroit.com.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

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