InnovaCare Health: Reshuffling the Organizational Structure


The island of Puerto Rico is home to many health and insurance providers, and one of them is InnovaCare Health Inc., which was founded by Richard Shinto. InnovaCare Health Inc. is the leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare health insurance in the island, and the company offers affordable insurance policies to those who wanted to buy for protection. They have shown their competence in the industry, and to serve the public further, Richard Shinto thought of hiring new executives who would be working with him to take the business to a whole new level. The organizational structure of the InnovaCare Health Inc. was reshuffled to accommodate the newly hired executives who would work together for the company’s benefit. Richard Shinto decided to appoint three individuals who have an impressive background in the field of healthcare and business. The newly hired executives will be serving three different departments, which are still under the control of Richard Shinto being the company’s president and CEO. The three individuals were named in 2016, during the times when the InnovaCare Health Inc.. is facing a lot of challenges along the way.


Jonathan Meyers has served the healthcare industry for years. He served as the former director at Horizon BCBS, and he was appointed to work at the actuarial services. He provides health insurance to those who are covered under Medicare and Medicaid, and most people in New Jersey rely on them for healthcare. Jonathan Meyers is also a former employee at HealthCare Partners, which is a health insurance provider located in New York. He submitted his application at the InnovaCare Health Inc. when he found out that the company is looking for new executives that would lead the brand. He is confident that his knowledge about the healthcare industry would take the InnovaCare Health Inc. to new heights. Penelope Kokkinides has served the healthcare industry for more than two decades. One of her jobs is to ensure that Medicare and Medicaid holders are given the insurance that they need. She developed unique strategies in dealing with the patients who wanted to receive medical assistance, and she is confident that the years she served the healthcare industry is enough to contribute something to the InnovaCare Health Inc.. Finally, Mike Sortino, who was a former controller working at the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., stated that his expertise in the business would help transform InnovaCare Health Inc. Richard Shinto noted that working with these people would bring drastic changes to the company.


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