An Overview of Jeunesses Global’s Skin Care Products and Nutritional Supplements

Jeunesse Global is an international skin care and nutritional supplement company that has seen phenomenal growth since its founding by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray just a few short years ago. At this time, Jeunesse Global’s products are available in multiple countries around the world, and Jeunesse Global serves its worldwide clientele from 32 offices across the globe.

Jeunesse Global offers its customers a wide range of products that are developed by the company to help enhance a youthful appearance and a better overall feeling. Skin care products, nutritional supplements and weight loss aids are offered by Jeunesse Global.

One of the important product lines from Jeunesse is the Luminesce line. Luminesce features cleansers, moisturizers and brighteners that contain the ingredient APT-200. APT-200 was developed by a group of dermatologists exclusively for Jeunesse Global. Luminesce helps the skin look and feel younger while adding hydration to the skin.

The NV line of products also contains APT-200. These products are oil free, and they work for all types of skin. NV provides a fine mist that allows foundation and bronzer to be applied with an airbrushed look.

AM and PM Essentials are nutritional supplements available from Jeunesse Global. Both the AM and PM tablets contain the vitamins and minerals that are essential to provide the energy that is needed throughout the day. However, AM and PM Essentials also contain a special blend of ingredients that were designed especially for this Jeunesse Global product. Green barley grass, guarana seed extract and Nori seaweed are just three important supplements found in AM and PM Essentials.

Reserve is a drink that is designed to provide a boost of energy. This nutritional supplement contains Resveratrol, dark sweet cherry, acai and an assortment of juices. Reserve is designed to help reverse the damage of free radicals in the body. This tasty supplement can be used when you need it throughout the day.

Jeunesse Global has a wide range of products to help one have a more youthful feel and appearance. Those who are looking for that more youthful feel are sure to find the products they seek at Jeunesse Global.

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