Anil Chaturvedi Brings 40 Year’s Experience to New Position

Anil Chaturvedi currently serves as Managing Director of Hinduja Bank Ltd., a Swiss bank despite its distinctly Indian name. Hinduja describes itself as the bank at which East Meets West. As such, it is not surprising to find Anil Chaturvedi there in a critical position.

Chaturvedi is responsible for developing a corporate advisory department at Hinduja Bank. Much of his focus in on easing the creation of cross-border alliances between corporations. Since Hinduja’s focus is on being the place where East meets West, a look at Mr. Chaturvedi’s life makes it apparent why he’s a good fit for the position.

Anil Chaturvedi grew up and received his education in India. He earned an MBA from Delhi University. In 1987 Chaturvedi began a four-year stint as a Manager of Development and Planning for the State Bank of India but at its Greater New Area office, oceans away from Delhi.

The planning and development he was in charge of was the design and implementation of a strategic plan to capture the business of non-resident Indians. Chaturvedi succeeded — his strategies generated $500 million over the four years he was there. His success earned him Man of the Year honors.

Anil Chaturvedi would go on (after leaving State Bank of India) to spend another two decades in the Greater New York area. His first stop was for two years at Grindlay’s Bank. Then it was on to Merrill Lynch where he served an International Managing Director for just shy of 18 years. His duties there further prepared him for his current responsibilities with Hinduja Bank. At Merrill, Chaturvedi created bespoke investment plans for ultra-wealthy Indians living abroad in Europe and the US, as well as those living in their homeland.

Hinduja Bank’s about page indicates it maintains a network of offices in five other Swiss cities, and five nations other than India, and on every continent except Africa and Australia. Of course, it has a presence in India — in Chennai and Mumbai.

Anil Chaturvedi’s 40 years of international banking experience well equips him to meet this new, and possibly final challenge of his banking career.

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