Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Band is interviewed.

Music is quite a lucrative career. Good quality music is bound to attract fame and a large crowd at the same time. Well, speaking of music, there is a band known as the Chainsmokers that has amassed a considerable fan base over the years. Recently, the band was able to release a new track that is titled “Closer.” The fans were waiting for the release of this new track with a lot of anticipation. Well, since Alex Pall is a member of the Chainsmokers band, he was engaged in an interview by one of the renowned media houses. During the interview, the band was indulged into answering a variety of questions such as how their plans are since they have been amassing a more significant following as each day passes by.

Background Check

During the interview, Alex Pall was asked about how got into the music industry. Well, it seems Alex Pall was a music fanatic since he started out as a DJ. He decided to get into becoming a DJ since it was somewhat of a hobby. Back in the day, he was a DJ in New York, and it was more of a side job since he was exploring his passion as a young man. Eventually, Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart, and they started working together, and that is how the Chainsmokers band came to life.

Another interesting question popped up about how Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart knew that the band would work out. Well, regarding this specific question, Alex Pall said that after meeting, they knew that each individual had particular capabilities. After meeting, they mainly talked about music and what intrigued them in regards to music in general. Eventually, they worked their way into gaining a spot in the limelight by trying to work on their identity as a band.


Alex Pall went ahead and stated that when it comes to being an artist, you must discover yourself first. Eventually, after hard work and resilience, the Chainsmokers band has now gained a lot of fame regarding the electronic pop music genre. All in all, what matters most is the ability to tap into your talent. Additionally, working as a team made the dream a reality.

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