Robert Deignan: How He Operates

Robert Deignan is one of the very few people who manage to make their dreams a reality. He has successfully been able to co-found and become the CEO of his own company, ATS Digital service. Robert has not only achieved and excelled in an area where most fail, he has also experienced what it’s like to play professional football. In 1997 and 1998, he played for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets. He has a BS in organizational leadership and has attended the Purdue University.

Robert has disclosed the way that he conducts himself and his business so that it may enlighten other aspiring entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals. The ATS Digital Services company that he is the CEO of helps all kinds of customers with their technological problems by means of remote troubleshooting. He got the idea to implement the remote troubleshooting software into his business when he worked for an Anti-Malware Software Company that he worked for before co-founding ATS Digital Solutions.

Mr. Diegnan is an early bird and begins his day at about 5 am. He hits the gym with a friend for about an hour and heads home. He then brews up some coffee, gets his kid ready for school and drinks his coffee while enjoying some fresh air and brainstorming new business ideas. Robert arrives at his office at about 8 am depending on traffic and proceeds to take care of any unfinished business from the day before. He goes with the flow for the rest of the day and is home at about 8 pm unless his son has a baseball game. Then, he has dinner with his family, catches up on some sports and goes to bed to do it all over again the next day.

Robert Deignan has his best ideas when he is outside. He thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and feels best inspired when he is disconnected from the modern world. Robert prefers his backyard and a cup of coffee for this unless he is on a trip to Colorado or Costa Rica. Even when he is relaxing, he is taking notes for his business.

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