NGP VAN’s Tips to Effective Canvassing

NGP VAN, a software company that not only embraces and promotes values of equality in the workplace but also play an important role in a progressive campaign through the provision of their software to them, offers numerous tips on how to effectively conduct canvassing. With NGP VAN’s extensive history of assisting progressive campaigns such as Obama’s, Clinton’s, and Sander’s, they are well qualified to give advice regarding canvassing. Canvassing entails enlisting volunteers to go door to door to get the message out on what a particular campaign and a certain candidate stands for and to encourage voters to turn out to vote. Canvassing is so vital to a campaign because it is comparatively impactful, that is, being able to see and hear a person (the canvasser) is substantially more impactful in terms of persuasive power regarding a campaign’s or candidate’s message and position on an issue, as well as on voters’ turnout.

Effective canvassing is one which emphasizes quality over quantity in terms of voter engagement. Writing smart scripts is also imperative as well as creating branched scripts. Adopting measures to save time is also vital. Examples of timesaving measure are going mobile, cutting turf, and automating everything. The automation of canvassing may be achieved with NGP VAN’s miniVAN. NGP VAN’s miniVAN may also be used to track canvasser accountability. Similarly, canvasser honesty must be incentivized so as to discourage the faking of data. Finally, sent the candidate out if under the circumstances it is appropriate and proper to do so.

Participating in a democracy means taking the time and making the effort to turn out to the polls to vote in order to give effect to democracy in general and the right to vote in particular. Turning out to vote is so important to democracy because it allows an individual (the voter) to express himself or herself in terms of voting for a particular candidate or for some measure or law. This in turns allows the individual voter to count or matter, which is in line with the ideals of democracy.

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