Talkspace: A Great Tool for Communicating

When anxiety strikes, one could not help but contact their therapists for advice. The industry of consulting therapists has surged in the United States, with more people needing the serving. According to the statistics presented by the government, the United States has a growing number of people who wanted to take their own lives. The role of the therapists is crucial at this moment, as they are the ones who would have to talk to their patients and discourage them from hurting themselves. There is also a recent trend which combines the elements from the traditional visits to a therapist and the power of technology. One of the most successful applications that allow someone to contact a therapist would be Talkspace.

The app’s developer revealed that the reason why he created Talkspace is that he wanted to reach out to, but he does not have enough resources to bring his car to the therapist’s office. His marriage is falling due to negative circumstances, and he wanted a professional help that could advise him what to do. He developed the application and gave it a shot. After the program developer managed to run the device, he thought that it would be a great idea to share it with the public. After it was introduced to the public, Talkspace became widespread.

According to the statistics provided by Talkspace, those who are trying to contact them have lost all hope, and just wanted to kill themselves. They are also being approached by anxious patients, as well as those who wanted to speak to a professional. Talkspace developed a chatroom box where all of the inquiries will be displayed, and all of the answers from the users will be posted. At first, those who are answering the questions posted on the app are the students and the student council members themselves. Talkspace grew extensively after they have allowed professional therapists in, and these therapists stated that the disorder should be taken cared of every time, and they should not wait for it to worsen. Talkspace stated that they are already working on a project that would allow the family members to meet their loved ones with the help of video calling technology.

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