Robert Santiago Provides Residents of Joao Pessoa with a Fun Alternative

Robert Santiago is a legendary entrepreneur who has built one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. Robert, born in 1958 has participated in different business ventures, but the Manaira Shopping Mall remains to be his best creation.

Robert’s vision was to provide all the residents of Joao Pessoa with an alternative from the boring weekend outing. He has offered a space where the entire family can have fun and relax.

Roberto was born in Joao Pessoa and pursued his education in the same place. He attended the Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago has a bachelor degree in Business Administration. Read more on

Manaira Shopping Mall

The construction of the Mall began in 1987 and was completed two years later. It has been 26 years since the Mall was opened and improvements are still being done. There are countless fun options that people of all ages can enjoy.


The Mall is fitted with an electric amusement park with various game stations. All the stations are equipped with state-of-the-art gaming equipment.

They have included a ballroom and a bowling center. The bowling park comes with six electronic tracks providing you with the perfect environment to compete with your friends. Adjacent to the bowling area, there is a strike bar, where you can chill and enjoy a variety of drinks and cocktails. They have provided you with an atmosphere perfect for meeting and casual gatherings.

The Mall has cinemapolis which has 11 theaters. The theaters come with the latest technology to provide you with the experience of a lifetime. The theater seats provide you with not only comfort but the perfect view of the screen. You can choose the VIP cinema which comes with 3 movie theaters, reclining seats, and wall to wall screens. There are a popcorn and bar areas in the cinema.

If you go to the Mall with small children, you can leave them at the pirlimpimpim. It is a children playground where the kids can play and engage with other children. The Mall employs two managers and 24 supervisors to take care of the children. The Mall has a fully equipped gym where you can workout and relax.

In 2009, the Domus concert hall was inaugurated. Domus is the largest concert hall in Joao Pessoa. The Hall is located at the rooftop and provides the perfect space for people to relax and enjoy good music. Domus Hall has two distinct floors the ground floor and Mezzanine. The ground floor is spacious and can be used for various events including weddings, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries. The Mezzanine comes with a private lounge, cabins, and dressing rooms. Read more on

Food Court

Over the years, the food court has been expanded to fit the needs of the people. The Mall has opened a gourmet space that has steak house and a burger area. They have a spacious food court with different food joints that provide various cuisines from around the world.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy- Helping Investors Succeed in Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is the founder and chief executive officer of Nick Real Estate Academy. He faced hardships while growing up as his mother struggled financially to meet the family needs. Nick is married, and he has three daughters.

Nick Vertucci’s luck changed when he started his own business selling computer parts. He loved the freedom of being his own boss. Things went well until 2000 when there was a financial crisis. For the next one year, he had no income or very little if any, and he found himself deeper in debt. According to Nick, a three-day workshop on real estate training that he was invited to attend by his friend was the best decision he ever made during this period. Nick Vertucci found the answer to getting out of the financial hole he was in at the seminar.

Nick Vertucci Companies offer solutions to the challenges that investors face in the real estate sector. The system allows investors to succeed using the same system that Nick used to make himself millions in the real estate market on The investors are taught everything they need to know on how to tackle the daily challenges that they are likely to face in the real estate market. The school works with the investor through the process of identifying the deal, repairing the property, and selling it off.

Nick’s system works in three basic steps on Finding the best deal and locking it down at the best possible price. The goal is to buy low and sell high thus generating wealth in the process. The second step is to rehab or rent the property, and the final step is making money from the properties. There are many success stories from investors who have gone to the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, for example, Eliot and Dan have ten houses so far since joining the system.

The Academy makes no promises, warranties, guarantees, or projections of future prospect earnings. Any earnings are estimates of what the academy thinks one would earn with no assurance of the same. The economy at in which one does business also contributes to the uncertainty and creates an economic risk. Therefore, the success of each investor depends on their motivation, dedication, work ethic, and their business skills. The investors are advised to do their own due diligence before making important business decisions, taking heed of qualified professionals’ advice. For instance, one should check with his lawyer or accountant before making a financial decision.

What You Should Know About Samuel Strauch; The Real Estate Giant

Samuel Strauch is a real estate investor who owns Metric Real Estate Company. The company is based in South Beach. The firm, however, has operations in various Latin American states. Metric Real Estate Company provides brokerage, development, management, and equity services to clients.

Contrary to the expected, Samuel started off his career life in the banking industry and only got into the real estate ventures after joining his family estate enterprises in South Florida. Mr. Strauch continues to grow his business to date to become a global enterprise. Moreover, Strauch is an investor in other areas such as restaurants and internet businesses.

Mr. Strauch explains that his real estate idea came into realization when he moved to Miami. In Miami, two things got the attention of Samuel. First, there was a revolution and rapid development in the real estate areas. Also, Miami city was being transformed from being just a vacation center to being a fully-fledged urban city on the beach. Samuel saw the opportunity and knew with his ability to bring together global investors and clients, his real estate company would come to being.

When asked, Samuel states that he does not have a typical day as every day of his life is unique. One core element and need in his business is meeting new people and working with existing clients to strengthen the existing ties. By working closely with the new clients and existing ones, the business can find new properties, Spark new ideas, enlarge the existing client base, and strike new business relationships. Moreover, the art of meeting new people in the field is a great way of starting great friendships.

Most people are, however, puzzled and often wonder what makes Mr. Strauch productive as a business person. Samuel Strauch values the art of meditation which he thinks everyone should also highly regard. While meditating, Samuel says it gives the mind ample time off to put the focus on both his career and family life. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, Samuel has a habit of setting five minutes every morning. The time allows Strauch to remind himself of three things in life. One, it helps him appreciate all that he has in his life. Also, he focusses on having an open mind while approaching things. And finally, he has the time to set the intentions and goals for that day.

Samuel Strauch: The Real Estate Guru

Time and time again, Samuel Strauch has proven himself as a forward thinking investor. In fact, Samuel Strauch is in the upper echelon of real estate investors. Given the professionalism he gives to each client, it is easy to see why Samuel Strauch is where he is today. Based off of his track record, nothing satisfies Samuel Strauch more than putting people in their dream homes. His success is rooted in the success he provides to his clients. It is safe to say Samuel Strauch mastered the real estate market down to a science. Other real estate investors pale in comparison. This can be attributed to his diety-like business skills.

With that being said, Samuel Strauch is no stranger to education. While in New York, he earned his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University. Shortly afterward, he earned another degree from Harvard University. In 2002, Samuel Strauch relocated to the Florida real estate market, where he has ruled with an iron fist ever since. To this day, his company has grown exponentially. As a result, he spread his operations to other parts of Florida and Latin America. With that being said, Samuel Strauch is indeed a success story. Although fairly young, Samuel Strauch has alley reached a level of success that most people will never be able to reach.

On a macro and micro level, Samuel Strauch has proven his ability to flip properties. This is why he consistently ranks among the top real estate investors in the country. Also, this is why homeowners flock to Samuel Strauch in the droves. Throughout Miami, he is well known and respected. Outside of real estate, Sam is a well-rounded human being who cares for others. When he has time, Sam is constantly seen engaging in his community. After moments of being in his presence, it becomes evident how much he cares for people.