Samuel Strauch Talks about the Best Suburban Centers for 2017

Samuel Strauch is a well-known entrepreneur in the real estate industry, having attended the business school in his days at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University. He is a great scholar of financial business. The man has built for himself a reputation that is based on extensive study of the market, but also extreme dedication and fruit of years of hard work and understanding the investment market like no one else did.

Samuel has his spot in Metrik Real Estate as the principal of the company, and his knowledge in the real estate business began in Miami when Samuel Strauch noticed the massive flow of housing developments that were coming to the city at an outstanding velocity.

Samuel Strauch recently gave an interview where he talked about the biggest local centers in the U.S. and the ones that were calling the most significant amount of real estate investors for the last couple of years. They are the hottest cities of the country, and they are great places to start investing as soon as possible before the sea gets swarmed with sharks.

Delver, Colorado, is a clear pick for one of the most populated and with the most movement. It has a lot of cultural attraction for outsiders and individuals who have never been to that part of the U.S. territory as well and more information click here.

Next, Samuel Strauch spoke about Dallas and San Francisco, both of equally strong reputation but for different reasons. Dallas, Texas, is home to some of the best attractions of the state, being home to the Dallas Zoo, a great attraction, and being a metropolitan center that is on every traveler’s radar. For San Francisco, well, California was always a hot option for modern families, and the real estate business come with high prices and affordable options, being one of the top options for families to move in if they want to start a new life and what Samuel knows.

Now, three centers in Florida have made it to the top cities in the suburban picture of the U.S., and those are Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, and little has to be said about them. They are got targets for individuals coming from the outside traveling schedule, and they offer some of the best comfort and American feel and visit google plus account.

These are some of Samuel Strauch’s picks for the hottest cities to pay attention to in 2017.

How the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation is Fostering Unity in Israel

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation released the details of the “Inspired by Israel” video contest a couple of weeks ago. The contest was launched in conjunction with the 12 Tribe Films Foundation. The contest is held annually. This year’s contest will be its second edition. The video contest will be hosted on accepts informative and entertaining videos on Israel. There will be a grand prize of $8,000 and more than $10,000 in cash prizes for the winners. Milstein stated that the contest offered an opportunity to show the world the rich culture and diverse people of the country. He mentioned that they had received numerous videos in the previous contest from various creators including university, kindergarten, and high school students. He added that the contest brought people from all walks of life together to share what they perceive as the best thing about their country.

The best videos will be decided upon by a team of judges after a period of public voting. The panel of experts includes Gila Milstein who is a noted philanthropist, David Suissa who is the President of Tribe Media, and Michael Dickson who is the Executive Director of StandWithUs Israel. Suissa said that he was excited to see what submissions would be sent in and stated that he thought the contest would help people to embrace their country more. The winning video in last year’s contest was viewed thousands of times online. It was shared by some of the top media outlets in Israel including the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Journal, and Algemeiner. The deadlines for registration and submission are 1st February and 6th March respectively. The public will be allowed to vote online between 20th and 29th March. The winners of the contest will be announced on 30th April.

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor and a notable philanthropist. He is currently the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein studied at Technion in Israel before joining the University of California where he graduated with a Master’s in business administration. Adam started his career as a sales agent before venturing into commercial real estate investment. Adam and his wife Gila formed the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000.